50+ Common Dreams That Played Out In Real Life (Biblical Dream Interpretation ebook)

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50+ Common Dreams That Played Out In Real Life (Biblical Dream Interpretation ebook)

Chris Michals
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Common Dreams & Common Symbols

In the last 6+ years of interpreting dreams through my website, I’ve noticed that most of the dreams people send me fall into the category of common dreams. What that means is, the images and symbols in the dreams contain fairly typical personal messages on a variety of topics. Cars, animals, people, houses and food are just a few examples of common symbols that show up very frequently in the dreams everyone has.

In this new ebook, I tell 50+ real life common dreams and their Bible-based interpretations. I wrote this new ebook because, when you go looking for dream interpretation books, you find a lot of great teaching and symbols lists, but not nearly as much real-life interpretations. When I first began learning to interpret dreams, seeing or hearing how others interpreted them greatly accelerated my own learning. Here is a list of the categories of common dreams that you will find in this ebook… 

  • Vehicles (cars, airplanes, bicycles) 

  • Animals & Pets (dogs, wolves, snakes) 

  • Places & Settings (buildings, houses, rooms) 

  • People (family, friends, coworkers) 

  • Food & Eating

  • Sports & Athletics

Real Life Dreams & Full Explanations

The general format that repeats throughout the entire book for each of the 50+ dreams is: 

  1. A description of a dream. 

  2. My interpretation of the symbols within the overall context.

  3. Explanation of real life circumstances. 

  4. Multiple Bible verses that support the interpretation. 

  5. Relevant tips to interpretation based on experience and Biblical principles.

In the discussion of each dream, I give many tips I’ve learned in the last several years regarding the proper response, the purpose and general keys for how to do research if you cannot find the primary symbols in a dream dictionary. 

Hear my additional discussion in my podcast episodes.

  • Format: PDF / EPUB (also available separately on Amazon Kindle)

  • Length: 134 pages (PDF), ~195 pages (EPUB) 

This is a perfect follow up to my first free ebook, "Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!"

For more information about me and Biblical dream interpretation, check out my website: chrismichals.com.

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