Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!

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Why Are Dreams So Hard To Understand?!

Chris Michals
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Dreams: Nighttime Parables

This version 3 ebook provides a concise but broad introduction to the vast realm of how God speaks to us in our dreams at night.  In this newly expanded product, you'll learn about the basis for the metaphoric symbolism and the reasons why it is actually to your advantage that they are not more straightforward. Included are keys and suggestions to learning to interpret dreams and the many surprises that may come along if you become proficient as an interpreter.  

Here’s what you’ll find in this new version…

  • Why do dreams have symbolic images in them?

  • Are the messages in dreams hidden by God intentionally?

  • Does God have a Biblical precedent for communicating in this manner?

  • What are some keys to looking up the meaning of symbols?

  • What kind of dreams are there and who gets them?

  • What kinds of insights are revealed in dreams and what might I be missing by not understanding them? 

This is a free Bible-based resource.  You can either download for free by entering a "0" in the price box or you can make a donation there.  

Learn God's Dream Language!

Additionally, you can find out more on this huge subject by visiting chrismichals.com where I have many articles and videos designed to help you learn much more about how God speaks to you in nighttime dreams. Bible-based dream interpretation is also provided through my website when I'm available.  

You can also find this ebook on Amazon Kindle (see my store page).  

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Concise but broad introduction to various aspects of Bible-based dream interpreting.



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