The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose

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The Supernatural Science of Reaching Your God-Given Purpose

Chris Michals
4 ratings

Newly Updated Ebook!

This ebook is both the documentation of my own story in walking out a "mega prophecy" and an illustration of the principles, concepts and patterns you can follow in your own life to finding the purpose you were put here for.  As I explain here, everything I discovered about my calling and purpose came primarily from my dreams at night.  If you do not yet know what God put you here for, this ebook will give you some of the biggest principles you need in order to search and find and then take action.  

As I started my process in 2015, I had almost no advance instructions for how to walk out a major life calling prophecy. Everything I learned was one step at a time and many times I wished I had a real life example to follow. But... I do believe now that God led me through this process in such a way so that I could turn around and use my experiences to help you. 

Everything in this ebook is intended as a  pattern and template that you can use for yourself even if your life calling is very different from mine!  

Here is a summary of the contents... 

  • World-changing breakthroughs that came in dreams at night.
  • The example of my own first-ever life calling dream and how it progressed to many others in a series.
  • How to operate in two realms - bringing your life calling dreams into reality.
  • Becoming a supernatural detective - the search for what is hidden for you.
  • Triangulating clues to unlock your God-given mystery - how to connect dots to see the larger picture.
  • Why this process can be very lengthy and what is happening when it seems nothing is happening.
  • The kingdom business of God & the supernatural currency of divine transactions.
  • How we all miss God's perfect timing but how He gave us a "supernatural time machine" to get back on track and regain whatever we lost.
  • How God gives you "the idea" that will change your life and what to do with it.

This ebook goes hand in hand with many of the blogs, podcasts and videos on my website regarding my "science dreams" series that you can find under the "Supernatural Science" category.

My website: chrismichals.com

You can also find this ebook on Amazon Kindle (see my store page).  

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