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Chris Michals
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Donation Art Download

This piece is technically not for sale but for donations only. It is my way of giving you something in return for financially support my efforts!

  • Artist name overlay watermark is not part of the actual download.
  • Physical product images are only shown as an example of what this looks like when printed on an item of your choice. See Spring and Etsy stores for actual physical products currently being sold.
  • Because there is no background in a PNG file, you can print the image on an item of whatever color you choose - only the image will show up. This image looks best on several different color backgrounds (see included examples).

Key Facts About Digital Art

Why buy digital art?

  • Digital art is cheaper and faster than buying a physical product with the design printed on it. Digital art requires no shipping and you receive it instantly!

What can you do with the file?

  • You can have a t-shirt, mug, poster or anything you would like made with this high resolution PNG image.

What are the restrictions?

  • Do not share this file - this is for your own personal use, not for profit or mass production.

Why is this being offered?

  • Proceeds from all product sales and donations go to support my work.

What is Blue Cube Rocket?

Blue Cube Rocket is in the advanced energy & space technology breakthrough realm. What is soon coming to the world will change life as you know it and make science fiction movies become reality. Each of our designs has a story behind it. Find out more about us and the saga at our website:  http://bluecuberocket.com/

Artist: Chris Michals (creator of Blue Cube Rocket)

Sketching app used: Concepts App for iOS

Find out more about this image here: Speed Box.

  • High Resolution PNG file with no background colors.

  • Size
    8.62 MB
  • Resolution
    6818 x 6818 px
  • High Resolution PNG file with no background colors.
  • Size8.62 MB
  • Resolution6818 x 6818 px
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"Speed Box" - Digital Art Download

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